ICSF – New Board of Directors

ICSF – New Board of Directors

Election of a new administrative body for the Board of Directors of the Iraqi Sports Federation of Companies

The Iraqi Federation of Sports Companies held its elections for the 2022-2026 electoral cycle on Sunday. The election was under the supervision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Iraqi National Olympic Committee, and the five-member committee supervising the sports elections, according to Sports Federations Law No. 24 of 2021 and the system. The internal affairs of the Federation were approved by the members of the General Assembly of the Iragi Sports Federation of Companies.

The new board elected for a new cycle of four years are: Ali Karim Hussein (President, Chairman of the Federation of Sports Companies), Salah Abdullah Youssef (Vice President of the Federation), Abdul Karim Sale Maeeb (member of the Federation), Wameedh Shamil Kamil (union member), Abdel Mohsen Majeed Shaltag (member of the Federation), Wissam Mahdi Muhammad (member of the Federation), Shukriya Abdul-Mahdi Daoud (member of the Federation).

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