Sport, Peace and development

A Festschrift Book in Honour of 100 years of CSIT

In 2013 CSIT celebrated the 100th anniversary of the existence of the workers' sports movement, which began in Belgium in 1913. The movement was a reaction to times when workers, day laborers and peasants had no right to practice sports.

The Festschrift Book "Sport, Peace and Development" records the history of the federation in a 160-page commemorative publication by Prof. Kalevi Olin. This fascinating book with historical pictures and impressive stories is now available online and can be downloaded for free!

Simply click on the English or French version below and dive right in:


The book contains 164 pages of history of CSIT, International Worker Sport and Sport for All: 

  1. Introduction - Prof. Kalevi Olin (Finland)
  2. Sport as a social phenomenon - beyond the boundaries - Prof. Joe Maguire (UK)
  3. Sport and peace - Prof. Bruce Kidd (Canada)
  4. Conflict and diversity, is there role for sport? - Prof. Marion Keim (South Africa)
  5. Workers sport as a mass movement, sociological outline - Prof. Nicola Porro (Italy)
  6. View to the history of International Workers Sports Confederation (CSIT) - Prof. Seppo Hentila (Finland)
  7. Revisit to structures and functions of the CSIT, a 20 years follow-up study - Prof. Kalevi Olin (Finland)
  8. Is the woman the future of sport? France as an illuminative example - Emmanuelle Bonnet Oulaljd (France)
  9. International sports collaboration and future partnerships - CSIT President 2013 Harald Bauer (Austria)

    In case you wish to receive a hardcopy, please send your detailed order directly to office@csit.tv.