What are the CSIT World Sports Games?

The World Sports Games (WSG) are an international major event (up to 8000 participants) every two years full of competitive and non-competitive sports, cultural exchange and fun. These games are not multisports games for top athletes, but for all amateurs - young & old, men & women - from different countries and cultures all over the world. Not only the organisation of competitions is in the foreground, but also organising a huge festival with the objective of gathering sports friends, as a worldwide family, to advance the making of lifelong friendships, the exchange of information, know-how and experiences within the specific sport or sports-overlapping.

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The Spirit of CSIT

The WSG are an open event for amateur sportsmen with thousands (unlimited size) of participants each edition based on the idea of our former "International Workers' Olympiads" of the 1920s / 30s and welcomes in an environment of tolerance, respect, sustainability & fair play CSIT member and non-member organisations, partners, individual athletes, governmental bodies, trade unions and companies with sports-activities from all over the word. It provides the participants a real international sports week with touristic and cultural content they will never forget.

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A great promotion platform

A major event with a couple of thousand international & local participants are actually a great platform for demonstration as well as promotion of new kind of sports, or sports that are seeking for higher level of visibility and for marketing & business activities.
It must be considered not only the visibility via traditional media like on international basis the CSIT-News-magazine, -webpage, -newsletter, television and on national basis the same of our member unions, but especially interactive communication via Social Media (text, pictures, movies etc.) of the participants, the CSIT and the World Sports Games organizer to almost every corner of the globe.


In case of interest to use this global Sport for All movement and its CSIT World Sports Games as platform, please do not hesitate to contact General Secretary Wolfgang Burghardt via office@csit.tv or phone +43 676 847464 25.

We are looking forward to meeting you personally and welcoming you at the next CSIT World Sports Games!

In the meantime, enjoy impressions of every single World Sports Games edition from 2008 up to present times here rightward and on YouTube!
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