Gender Equality

In recent decades, gender quality has become a central theme in our daily lives. A strong movement developed to improve women's lives and work in many parts of the world. Of course, CSIT also supports this movement and tries to counteract the problem of gender inequality with the help of sports.

Flagship Project Mamanet

Mamanet is CSITs flagship project in the area of gender equality in sports. It is an international sports movement for mothers (of any age) and all women (even without children) over 30, under the patronage of CSIT. A project with a versatile overall concept in thousands of mothers and women and their families now participate. Very special is that with this movement a new target group is addressed. The mothers are in the center!
The team game Cachibol can be learned easily without previous sporting experience at any age and regardless of height and weight. “Every mother can", ball, net and field size are adapted from Volleyball. Therefore it is easy to organize Mamanet events. However Mamanet is considered as sport with it's own rights and own idendity. Take a look on this video to get to know it, called "Spirit of Mamanet".

The social aspect such as women networking, a sense of community, promoting health, acting as a role model, integration, inclusion are just as important as the exercise offer. However, Mamanet's biggest power lies in its potential to promote gender equality in sports. Furthermore, it tackles relevant issues for its target group, like breast cancer. For the founder of Mamanet, raising awareness and offering support for women suffering of breast cancer is a matter of the heart.

With the CSIT Mamanet Championships 2022 we have suceeded to underline the importance within our network.

Further core goals and important aspects of Mamanet are:

  • More women and their children are motivated to exercise and positively influenced in their development.
  • For this, individually best possible basic conditions are created (e.g. child care , low-cost offers , no men present)
  • Formation of a social network beyond the sporting activity. Perspectives for women up to the creation of jobs.
  • Target groups are reached , who otherwise have rather difficult access to sports integration , inclusion e.g. work with women with a history of flight, with mental or physical impairments, very overweight women, former competitive athletes, and much more.

In case you are interested watch the video of the Mamanet Championships at the CSIT World Sports Games 2019 and visit the Mamanet - Mothers Cachibol League on the official website!

    In the following we provide further links and documents that can help promote Gender Equality in sports. All of the follwing pictures function as links.

    IOC Gender Equality Review Project & Framework

    The IOC Executive Board launched the IOC Gender Equality Review Project already in 2017 with a mandate to push gender equality globally with action-oriented recommendations for change. In its main part, the document gives 25 recommendations in the themes "Sport", "Portrayal", "Funding", "Governance" and "HR, Monitoring & Communications".

    Through the Framework on Fairness, Inclusion and Non-discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sex variations the IOC seeks to promote a safe and welcoming environment for everyone involved in elite-level competition, consistent with the principles enshrined in the Olympic Charter. The Framework also acknowledges the central role that eligibility criteria play in ensuring fairness, particularly in high-level organised sport in the women’s category.


    Goal 5 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Promoting Gender Equality is a fundamental part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which are an important part of the Articles of our confederation. Goal 5 explicitely deals with this topic and offers knowledge and support.

    UN Women Gender-Responsive Sports Organizations

    The United Nations' entity UN Women developed a paper to help strengthening the role of women in sports. The guidelines are structured to support sports organizations in terms of empowerment of women and girls and advancement of gender equality through concrete and quantifiable actions and indicators. They aim to mobilize action on gender equality in day-to-day and overall operations.

    EIGE Gender Equality Training

    The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) provides a comprehensive toolkit for Gender Equality Training. This provides participants with the relevant knowledge, skills and values that allow them to contribute to the effective implementation of the gender-mainstreaming strategy in their field, organisation, institution or country.

    TAFISA Gender Equality

    Our partner TAFISA commits itself to target gender balance in sport, promote and support male and female sports equally and encourage girls to participate in sports. The organization published helpful best practises on their webiste and offers further links.