CSIT Solidarity Fund

The criterions for member unions asking for support

  1. The organization is full member union of CSIT since at least 3 years.
  2. The organization fulfilles all the obligations towards CSIT and its values.
  3. The organization participates at CSIT sport activities for the last three years.
  4. The organization plans to invest from inside sources at least 30% from the specific activity which it plans to operate.
  5. The organization has an annual external support.
  6. The organization asks for support for sport activities in brunches of sports which are recogniced from CSIT.
  7. The organization can proof that it has acceptable accounting procedures.
  8. The organization operates women and men sport activities in its sports events.
  9. The organization fulfills all insurance obligations of CSIT.
  10. The organization has not received CSIT support within the last three years.

 Procedures for the solidarity fund work

  1. The solidarity fund committee will announce to all CSIT member unions the opening of the possibility to apply for financial means from the solidarity fond annually.
  2. The CSIT office will announce this offer every December.
  3. The organizations which request for solidarity fund support must send its application by the deadline of the end of February.
  4. The solidarity fund committee will convey the fund requests to the ExCom. The ExCom has the to right extend the application period in order to receive more requests from CSIT unions.
  5. Those fund requests which have been accepted by the ExCom will be allocated at the second ExCom meeting of the year.
  6. In the name of the ExCom the CSIT Office will inform the organizations about the decisions.


If you want to learn more about CSIT´s solidarity engagement, follow this link or download the official CSIT Solidarity App!