Senior Sports

The initiatives within this action field will be discussed and decided by the working group with the name

Physical activities for seniors 55+

This working group is chaired by Mr. Palle Thomsen, the Executive Committee member responsible for Sport for all and Sport for elderly. The group is composed of representatives from more than 10 member unions with active interest for co-operation within CSIT.

The main task is to organize events for elderly gathering these following aspects:

  • Practice and discovery of specific sports and physical activities
  • Exchanges about training and knowledge
  • Exchanges about culture, tourism and way of life of each country

Plans for the future:

  • Regular Formation courses for instructors
  • Enlarge the network for exchange of ideas
  • Seniors to participate in events in the member unions
  • Promoting exchanges between the member unions
  • Attractive program for seniors at the 'CSIT World Sports Games 2019'

For further documents & invitations please contact the CSIT Office via office@csit.tv!