YOULead: Improving skills in the field of grassroots sport in younge people

Duration: January to December 2021
Program: Erasmus+

The main objective of the YOULead project is to implement an active young Leaders’ platform into grassroots sports organisations by providing tools to develop skills and on-the-job environments to foster ability to apply what learned, through an intergenerational dialogue approach.

The specific objectives identified for the YOULead project are:

  1. to develop skills of sport management into the field of grassroots sport for youngsters and young adults, through the active cooperation of adults and Seniors’ sports Leaders (skills)

  2. to enlarge the existing young leader platform both at national (grassroots sport organizations) and at European/ international level (target)

  3. to implement the sport programs of grassroots sport organizations through the cooperation between young and senior participants (implementation of sport org)

  4. To promote sport itself as a tool for spreading EU values through the activation of youngsters and senior Leaders into sport organization. (promotion of EU through sport)

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Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sport und Körperkultur (Austria)
Associazione Italiana Cultura Sport (Italy)
Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya (Spain)
Health Life Academy (Croatia)
Estonian Sports Association Kalev (Estonia)
Suomen Työväen Urheiluliitto (Finland)

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