Survey for EU project SGS

Survey for EU project SGS

We need your help!

Anyone who currently is or has been active in sports clubs or associations within the last 12 months (or longer due to Covid-19) - whether as an athlete, coach or official - can take part. By participating in the survey, you will help to provide an accurate picture of the situation of women and LGBTI+ people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex and further sexual and gender identities) in organised sport across Europe.

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This survey is a crucial part of the EU Project SGS - Sport for all Genders & Sexualities. Under the direction of the German Sport University (GSU), the situation of women and LGBTI+ people in European grassroots sport will be examined more closely. The results will serve as a basis for further education, awareness raising and change campaigns in European grassroots sports to foster sport for all genders and sexualities. All outcomes will be published on the project website in 2023.
Of course, all data will be treated anonymously and confidentially. Further, the ethics committee of the GSU has approved the survey.

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