CSIT Congress in Rome - Decisions, Presentations, Honours

CSIT Congress in Rome - Decisions, Presentations, Honours

The CSIT Congress in Rome last weekend was marked by important decisions, presentations, honours and new roles within CSIT.

The most important points on the agenda were the presentation of the CSIT World Sports Games 2023 in Cervia (Italy), the presentation of the applications of South Korea and Greece for the WSG 2025, the opening of the CSIT to new groups and the admission of new members. HLA Croatia is new full member, new candidate members are Mali (FEMASCO), Angola (FADET), Haiti (CHASHA) and India (Indian Amateur Boxing Federation). For CSIT President Bruno Molea, the expansion of the association is a decisive factor for the future: "The results of the Congress are very satisfactory. It was very well attended, which is a confirmation of our work. I am very happy that our family is getting bigger. With family programs and disability sports at the next World Sports Games and in the future also at the Congress, which we want to open not only for members, but also for partners. An important step to establish CSIT even better."

CSIT World Sport Games 2023 in Cervia (Italy)

Cervia in the Italian region of Emilia Romania with its partner cities Cesena, Cesenatico and Riccione will be the organizer of the CSIT World Sport Games next year from 5 to 10 September 2023 and thus host several thousand participants. 19 official CSIT sports are planned, plus the launch for the CSIT Para Sport section and the opening for children and families with a correspondingly large fringe program. Despite the current extreme price increases and rising inflation and the resulting relocation of the World Games from Rome to Cervia, the CSIT has nevertheless managed to organize affordable Games for the participants and to create the usual high-quality and professional environment. With the best sports facilities, hotels and the accompanying program, as the CSIT members are used to. The Congress saw the first important coordination meetings between the host sports experts and the CSIT TCs.

Greece or South Korea - Where to go in 2025 

There are two promising candidates for the CSIT World Sports Games 2025: the city of Busan, the second largest metropolis in South Korea, and Loutraki in Greece, close to Athens and the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games. At the Congress in Rome, both candidates had the opportunity to present their applications in detail to the CSIT ExCom and the CSIT member associations present and received corresponding applause and very positive reactions. The difficult decision on the award will be taken by the CSIT ExCom in the coming weeks and then announced promptly through all CSIT channels.

Young Leaders, Green Policy and Gender Equality

The new CSIT EU project eYOUAca for the training of young sports managers was another focal point at the Congress. The Young Leaders projects are increasingly becoming an important pillar within CSIT. The Young Leaders summer camps are well attended and are becoming more and more popular. The Austrian experts Prof. Robert Kaspar and Jörg Meixner presented their Working Group for "Environmental Sustainabiliy and Green Events". In future, all CSIT events will be carried out within the framework of the new sustainability guidelines. The debut will be the CSIT World Sports Games in September 2023 in Cervia. Gender equality in sport is also being developed in the CSIT. In 2023, there will be the Gender Equality initiative with the EU Co-funded Project "MamaNet 2023" to spread Mamanet in Europe, with around 1,500 female participants expected in Italy.

Plaque of Merrit in Gold for George Michel and Palle Thomsen

In addition to the farewell and honoring of Christian Hinterberger, there were two other honors at the Congress for the Sports Director George Michel and ExCom Member Palle Thomsen, who is responsible for Seniors +55 in the CSIT. Georges Michel was Secretary of TC Judo since 1999, Chairman since 2005 and is CSIT ExCom Member (Sports Director) since 2019 and responsible for many Judo Single Championships and Competitions at WSGs since decades! He also received the Plaque of Merit in Gold like Palle Thomsen,who started to work voluntarily in CSIT in 1983, became Chairman for the Technical Commission for Badminton and the working group senior sport and finally with 2008 CSIT ExCom Member and Vice President Sports for Elderly People.


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