Para-Sport in CSIT

Para-Sport in CSIT

The CSIT and Paralympic Sports decided to implement Paralympic Games to the CSIT World Sports Games 2019 in Tortosa.

During the CSIT congress in Tortosa officials and specialists of the para-sport-community had the opportunity to interact with people and show, demonstrate and explain through a video and images how important integration is. Specially in the selected sports through team disciplines such as basketball, volleyball, five-a-side football and handball, all together team events.

It is very important to introduce first the team sports to the CSIT WSG, as this is indispensable for the participants to give them the possibility to make friends, to share emotions, in the victories as in the defeats. Learn respect for teammates but also for the team adversaries, and above all live integration through the regulations of integrated sports, which allows them to interact with other children, other disabilities but also with able-bodied children.

During the CSIT congress in Tortosa the responsible people had fruitful conversations with the technicians of the planned disciplines that renewed the energy to give even more determination in carrying out the duty and give the best even with the collaboration of FISDIR, the Italian Paralympic federation of the relational intellectuals. It was not only the opportunity to talk about sports, but also see the venues for the events in Tortosa, which are ideal for the proposed team sports!

There will be still a lot of work to do, but the responsible people are sure the results will be great to see and a big experience for all!

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