FSGT - Message of support and solidarity

FSGT - Message of support and solidarity

The French CSIT member FSGT expresses its solidarity with the public service

FSGT wants to send a message of support and solidarity to CSIT and all its member organisations in this terrible time of the Covid 19 pandemic and the closure in many countries. The French Federation expresses its solidarity with public services and all those who work for the common good. Watch the FSGT VIDEO " In the palm of their hands".

These women and men contribute to saving lives and maintaining social cohesion, which is essential for our daily lives. We would also like to emphasise that the austerity policy that has been affecting public services (hospital, school, transport, etc.) for years cannot be the answer to guaranteeing the most basic human rights. All these public services, including those of sport, will be more important tomorrow than ever. The health, economic and social consequences remain difficult to assess. But the worsening of economic and social inequalities will not stop, nor will inequalities in access to sport.

As part of a strengthened public service, which we are calling for together with the State and local authorities, the sports federations - some of which could be weakened - will need all the recognition and all the human and financial resources to implement their projects and actions properly. More than ever, they will be able to promote access to sport for all, meet the needs of the population, establish and reestablish social links and strengthen solidarity. In other words, they will be an essential area of citizenship and emancipation.

Since 14 March 2020, France has been locked down to combat the spread of the Covid 19 virus. All sporting competitions have been cancelled and sporting life organised in sports federations and clubs has been put on hold. Many of them continue to contribute to social cohesion simply by maintaining contact between members, by organising a continuity of physical and sporting activities under lock and key, by preparing future initiatives and new projects, or even by organising spaces of solidarity towards disadvantaged communities.

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