Clash of Titans at the CSIT World Sports Games

Clash of Titans at the CSIT World Sports Games

At the CSIT WSG POSA will have the World Pole Sport for Amateurs for the first time and the “Pole Sport World Games Cup” for competitive athletes.

Over the past decade, pole sports have grown exponentially with hundreds of athletes around the world competing in high-level competitions. Created in 2015, POSA is the leading international organization and is comprised of multiple national federations around the world, including but not limited to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Ukraine, Russia, Finland, France, Korea, and Brazil.

With sports recognition as one of its goals, POSA was created to unite, lead, regulate, organize and develop the practice and competition of pole sports and pole art around the world. There has been a large disconnect within the community on standardization of athlete expectations and judging methods. POSA hopes to bridge that gap and advance the philosophy and goals of pole sports worldwide.

In the last few years, new leaders and pioneers have emerged to assist POSA in its efforts to bring the pole community together. The result was the success of the first Pole Sport World Championships 2016 in Italy that featured over 120 athletes from around the world, full live stream, and over 800 spectators. This was also the first time in the history of pole that there were para-pole athletes competing in their own division, which brought the crowd to their feet. Shortly after the Pole Sports World Championships ended, Pole Art Worlds was held in Turin, Italy, on March 4th – 5th accommodating over 110 athletes. In less than a year the international federation was able to bring on over 13 national federations and hosted two world championships.

POSA has also made significant progress in the last year by joining forces with World Heavy Events Association (WHEA), an organization that is responsible for the anti-doping policies in compliance with the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). In the international POSA events 2018 and forward all athletes will have to sign a WHEA anti-doping contract.

POSA is working towards development of competitions with several organizations on four continents. The leadership comes from the sport world and the vision to work with other sports to improve regulations and experiences, which will help guide the committee through this very exciting time. Pole Sports and Art continue to grow exponentially among practitioners and fans alike. POSA continues its mission of inclusion and cooperation with all pole groups worldwide with the goal of advancing the sport to its proper place alongside other recognized sports and disciplines.

2019 promises to be the biggest year so for POSA with new major initiatives, all keeping with the commitment to listen and respond to developmental needs of the global pole community. In July, at CSIT- World Sport Games 2019, POSA will have two different competition: The World Pole Sport Amateurs (first time Pole Sport for amateurs) and The “Pole Sport World Games Cup” for competitive athletes. This competition will be like a “Clash of Titans” of Pole Sport, as these athletes will be the very best of the best, qualified through the last World Championship.

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