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Executive Committee
Meeting in Vienna
excom-vienna.jpgFrom Januray 23rd to 25th, 2009 the first meeting of the new CSIT Executive Committee took place in Vienna.
Invitation, Registration Forms
CSIT Championships 2009
csitneulogo.jpgHere you can find all the necessary information for the CSIT-Championships Tennis & Volleyball (Finland), Chess, Beach Volley & Table Tennis (Brazil).
Candidate Cities
CSIT World Sports Games 2010
candidates2010.jpgThe next CSIT World Sports Games will be held in the year 2010. Two baltic cities candidate for being the host city.
Photos & Video
CSIT Congress - Tel Aviv
congress2008.gifHere you can find a lot of photos and a short video of the 37rd CSIT Congress, which took place in Tel Aviv 2008.
1st CSIT Youth Conference
youth-conf-telaviv.jpgOn October 3rd and 4th, 2008 the first CSIT Youth Conference took place in Tel Aviv.
Mr. Harald Bauer
elected as the new CSIT-President
olin-bauer.jpg During the 37th CSIT Congress, held in Tel Aviv/Israel on October 4th and 5th, 2008 a new President and a new Executive Committee were elected.
1st CSIT Youth Conference
On October 3rd and 4th, 2008 the first CSIT Youth Conference will take place in Tel Aviv.
CSIT Congress 2008
csitgv07-riga1.jpgFrom October 2nd to 7th, 2008 the CSIT Congress will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Medal Table
CSIT World Sports Games 2008
medals-rimini.jpgUISP, ASKOE and AICS were the most successful federations during the first CSIT World Sports Games.
CSIT Regulations

ImageHere you can find and download all the REGULATIONS of the CSIT Technical Commissions and Championships.

CSIT World Sports Games
rimini-beach1.jpgCSIT-Championships, festival-acts, workshops, sport-for-all activities. Read more about the exciting programme of the World Sports Games 2008.
Assorting is done!
rimini-hotels.jpg Now the hotels for all participants are fixed. Here you can find a list with all the necessary information.
Welcome words
UISP-President Filippo Fossati
fossati.jpgUISP celebrates its 60th anniversary with hosting the CSIT World Sports Games. Read the welcome words of Mr. Filippo Fossati.
Welcome words
CSIT-President Kalevi Olin
rimini08-olin.jpgRead the welcome message of Mr. Kalevi Olin, the President of CSIT, for the first CSIT World Sports Games 2008.
All hotels and sport facilities
map.jpgHere you can find online-maps of Rimini to locate all hotels and sports facilities planned for the CSIT World Sports Games
Previews of different
Championships and Initiatives online
gymastics2.jpgUISP - the organizers - gives with short written previews an overview about the activities during the CSIT World Sports Games.
Final Entry Lists
tennis2.jpgNow the Final Entry Lists for the CSIT World Sports Games 2008 are online. (Last update: 29.06.2008)
Sport Activities for elderly people
senior1.jpgSport for All Festival could not forget initiatives dedicated to elderly people: a welcome new discipline for CSIT activities.
Dancing Activities
dance1.jpgDancers from Italy, Estonia and Bulgaria will perform during the CSIT World Sports Games.
Rimini 2008 ''Green Event''
Environmental Action Plan
rimini-bridge2.jpgRimini 2008: "Green Event" thanks to the environmental action plan, a low impact event planned according to strict environmental parameters.
with Lorenzo Bani
rimini-lorenzo-bani.jpgCSIT World Sports Games, a traditional appointment with all world athletes, to promote cultural exchange and integration through sport.
Merchandising Articles
CSIT World Sports Games 2008
rimini-merchandising.jpg Here you can find the new exclusive ''CSIT product-line'' dedicated to the World Sports Games of Rimini.
More about the
CSIT Sports Village
sport-village11.jpgThe information, cultural and recreational point of Sport for All Festival will be represented by the SPORTS VILLAGE, set in the Dock Square and in the adjacent Briolini Park.
Rimini 2008
Festival Programme
rimini08a-programme.jpgBeside the different CSIT Championships an attractive Festival Programme was foreseen during the CSIT World Sports Games.
Physical Activities for Seniors
senior1.jpgSenior members have the opportunity of an enjoyable holiday full of new experiences, physical activities and reciprocation of knowledge in Rimini.
MIKASA - offical Partner
of CSIT World Sports Games
mikasa-rimini.jpgMIKASA, the international well-known ball-manufacturer, became official partner of the CSIT World Sports Games in Rimini.
Final Entry, Arrival and Departure
rimini-beach1.jpgHere you can download the final entry-, arrival- and departure-forms.
Rimini 2008
60th Anniversary of UISP
rimini-sport4all-1.jpgUISP celebrates its 60th anniversary with organizing the first CSIT World Sports Games and a big Sport for All-Festival.
Information concerning the Meetings
of the Technical Commissions in Rimini
csit-rimini-tcmeetings.jpgEach Technical Commission concerned with CSIT Championships held at the CSIT World Sports Games will meet in Rimini.
Preliminary Programme
CSIT World Sports Games
rimini08a.jpgIn this Preliminary Programme you can get a first overview about the whole activities during the CSIT World Sports Games.
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